Updating Again Soon

I realized it’s been two years since I updated this blog, but with the recent events regarding data, privacy, and social media, I feel it’s important to dust this place off and start writing again. Stickied to the top of Robots Nobots is a post I wrote four years ago about the dangers of Social Logins and how your information, along with all your friends, is being bought and sold simply by clicking a small, convenient button. Seems it’s gotten worse since then with the explosion of Apps asking for “permissions” before you get to use them.

These topics are relevant. They will always be relevant. To anyone who happens upon this blog, I hope you enjoy my content.

Social Media Accounts: Include All Your Links

You use social media to connect with large groups of people, including friends, family, fans, and most importantly, potential fans. Not everyone will know who you are or where you’re situated online, so it’s incredibly important that you include every important link you have on your About section. Seems obvious, right? Not everybody’s doing it, and that’s a problem. It only takes a minute or two for you to tweak your profile settings, so there’s absolutely not excuse not to do it right now.

Some people might assume to posting content with links to their website will be enough. No. Not with the way content is being distributed with the latest changes to Facebook’s organic reach algorithm. Not with the millions and millions of tweets being dished out every day of the week on Twitter. You cannot always rely on your posts reaching the people you want to reach, but if you create a hub for yourself and everyone who is potentially interested in your company and product, people will always know where to look. Your content is for current events and trending topics. Your profile is for everything consistent and static.

You need to stay on top of new marketing techniques, but you should never forget about the basic essentials. Make sure your links work, make sure they go where you want them to go, and always pay attention to the little details on your profile. It’s never as exciting as the rich and dynamic content you see on news feeds and trending side panels, but it’s equally as important.