Automated…or Not?

Automation makes social media much simpler and easy to deal with, especially with all the “noise” going on that drowns out relevant messages you want to receive. With rapidly growing audiences and user pools, it’s almost essential to have at least some form of automated service in order to make sense of the monster known as “social media”. For those dealing with multiple accounts and clients, it can be an absolute godsend. However, you should not treat automated platforms like Sprout Social as a main tool. Automation cuts through some of the noise, yes, but it also takes some control from you, and that’s where social media mistakes occur.

A computer program can only do what it’s programmed to do; it cannot make judgment calls in terms of facts, appropriate language, and unacceptable behavior. You must treat automated social media tools as supplements that need to be checked frequently. Complacency is a problem that sneaks up on even the most seasoned social media marketers. Variety and excitement exists on an everyday basis, but even the Internet has slow days. It’s like driving: look away for just a few seconds and trouble will find you.


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