Good Old Reliable Hashtags: #ThrowbackThursday

Hashtag popularity comes and goes, but there are a few that are consistently good because they’ve been accepted by the social media community as a “thing”. One of the most popular hashtags is #ThrowbackThursday, which occurs every Thursday. The rules are simple: post something retro or old that we don’t see much of anymore, if at all, an comment on how it’s relevant to your personal life. Sincere this blog is mainly about Internet activities, have a listen at the sound I used to hear as a young lad when connecting to the Internet:

Many of the younger netizens might be asking “What do you mean ‘connect to the Internet?'” Nowadays, nearly every household in America has a constant connection to the web, either by way of WiFi or through their cellphone service. Back during the dial-up days, you had to connect to the Internet every time you wanted to use it. And as an added bonus of inconvenience, it took up a phone line to do it, which means if you’re connected to the Internet, anyone trying to call your home phone will get a busy signal. Many of the younger netizens might wonder: “What the heck is a phone line?”. Short answer: our phones were connected to the wall by wire like your modem.

So what makes a hashtag like #ThrowbackThursday so popular? It’s one that everyone old enough to say “back in my day” can use and understand. Technologies, culture, and trends change so rapidly nowadays, but we all have memories that stand out from the rest, especially during our teenage years. For people my age: mid 20’s to late 30’s, a single line from a song is enough to bring back a flood of memories, and since it was so pervasive back then, it’s easy for an entire generation of millions to connect on common ground.

See what I mean?

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