How to Improve Your Internet Browsing Experience

Every one of us have expressed discontent toward certain “features” on the Internet or on our browsers at one point or another. Hate having to watch advertisements before you can access your favorite Youtube videos? What about those annoying pop-up windows that occur the moment you click anywhere on a website? While they may be minor inconveniences, the frequency in which you have to deal with them can really ruin your browsing experience.  Don’t worry, because there’s a cure for nearly every single one of the Internet’s little problems! Here are some add-ons and apps you can install in the next few minutes that will drastically improve your everyday net use!

1. Adblock Plus – This is one of the most beautiful add-ons for your browser. Not only does it prevent banner ads from loading at the tops, bottoms, and sides of your screen, it also  blocks ads that play before you load a video! Never sit through 15 second clips again! However, you might want to disable this in case you want to support your favorite Youtube channel since many of them make their money from ad revenues. Some sites refuse to show you video content or even load the page if you have Adblock activated. These sites are not worth your time.

2. Ghostery – I’ve advocated for Ghostery many times now. They are a small and independent company that cares about the privacy of all Internet users. Their add-on is free, and it blocks third-party cookies from being installed on your computer. In addition to that, it shows you exactly what’s being blocked. Ghostery is continuously updated through user submissions and database revisions. It also works without complication with the next add-on.

3. Do Not Track Me – This add-on prevents over 600 well-known tracking companies from seeing what sites you’ve visited, things you’ve clicked on, articles you’ve accessed, videos you’ve watched, etc. Do Not Track Me was made in response to the rampant occurrences of stolen customer data from popular websites like Facebook, Living Social, Zappos, etc.

4. Lightbeam – Mentioned in my previous blog post, Lightbeam is a handy add-on that shows you all the third-party tracking cookies associated with the sites you’ve visited. This clears every time if you choose to have your browsing history cleared when you close your browser.

5. Search for Image by Google – Ever wonder where that image came from? Looking for a picture in a larger size or better resolution? This add-on is exactly for you! By installing this onto your browser, you gain the ability to right click on any picture and reverse image search it on Google! After doing that, you can use the filters on Google Images to find exactly what you’re looking for. Handy!

6. Prevent Tab Overflow – If you’re the kind of person that has tons of tabs open at once, this add-on will make your life much easier. Normally tabs will collapse into one tab with a number telling you how many tabs are in it. To access the content, you have to right click on that collapsed tab to open up the one you want. Prevent Tab Overflow keeps all tabs separate for easier browsing!


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