Have You Heard of Genius Hour?

Marketers market best when they care about their product or services they’re selling. If they have vested personal interest in a company’s success, they’re going to go above and beyond the bounds of their job descriptions. This is a product of passion: that drive that pushes us to our creative limits in the hopes of achieving goals and accomplishing tasks. A passionate marketer will think about their work outside of work, and the best creative ideas materialize when you’re not under pressure. Google, for example, encourages its employees to use 20% of their work day to brainstorm and work on their own pet projects. This is called “Genius Hour“. Allow your employees to work on something that interests them, and you will see a rise in productivity.

CEOs and business owners, of you have a creative department or team, it’s important you allow them to work without the pressure of deadlines weighing on them at every hour. Allocate time for them to develop new ideas and strategies to help achieve the goals of your company, weigh in with your own ideas, and give honest and open critique of the work they produce. When creativity and marketing comes together, you’re going to get magic.


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