Buzzword #5: Content Marketing

It’s simply not enough to market your product or services by way of ads and daily posts today, especially on social media sites. You need to become an expert in your field, not just in what you’re selling, but also the culture to which your product or service belongs. For example, if you work for a watch company, your social media posts should not just be about your company’s watches, but also about the historical origins of time-keeping devices, fashion trends, etc. This is what we call Content Marketing. By presenting interesting, valuable, and relevant information on a daily basis, you can establish yourself as a knowledgeable authority. In short, by becoming an expert, people are more willing to listen to what you have to say.

You can approach Content Marketing in many different ways.

The Informant

What does mainstream media say about you and your products? What do popular magazines say about the kinds of services you have to sell? You can’t spend all your time on social media sites tooting your own horn, so you have to look to other experts in the field – some more established than yourself, and others who bring in fresh ideas. Show that you have an incredible font of knowledge and that other experts agree with you. When experts agree with one another, you create the beginnings of Best Practices (Buzzword #6, coming soon). Don’t forget to add some original content. Bonus points if you are sited by other authorities. Articles, news columns, and magazines are your best friends.

The Educator

You understand that not everyone is an expert, and your goal is to make your knowledge open and accessible to anyone who is interested in your product or service. Enter the “How-to” guides. The key here is effective communication: simple, easy to understand language that avoids buzzwords and jargon. If you must include them, be sure to explain what they mean in a brief sentence or two. Infographics improve How-to guides dramatically by giving the reader something to visualize. How-to videos can be extremely effective, but only with high quality sound and video. Remember, you want to come across as professional, not amateurish. Make it fun. You’re aiming to make or share something that the average person watches or reads in their free time.

The Pollster

Let your audience know that their opinions count. By allowing them to voice an opinion, you’re also in the position of collecting valuable data on how the average consumer of your product or service thinks. No need to stay completely on point all the time – ask questions on topics related to your main field. You can even throw out something fun for the weekend, but that’s a judgment call based on your industry. Let your audience know you want them to be heard and they will speak up.


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