Buzzwords – When to Use Them

Buzzwords serve a very important function, but they’re only effective in certain environments. They are convenient shorthand versions of complex or verbose ideas, and sometimes it’s more efficient to condense it all into a single word. this also makes it easy to fall into the habit of using them all the time. While buzzwords can encompass an entire paragraph into just a few letters, they’re only useful to those who are privy to the long form definition. If they aren’t, you might as well be speaking a different language or showing a graph with an undefined legend. In short, use them as often as you’d like with other social media marketers, but be prepared to explain their full meaning in simple and effective terms. After all, social media is about communication and the transfer of ideas; you must always refer back to the roots and tenets of your trade.

I will be exploring some of the most common buzzwords in the upcoming posts and will include examples of how they work along with tips on how to use these ideas to your advantage.

Click here for Buzzword #1: Viral

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