Crowdsourcing Media – Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord

hitRECord_Wallpaper_fraeuleinThe future of entertainment is changing forever…at least that’s what I hope.  Even since before the social media takeover of television shows like American Idol, the very premise of the competition called for a sort of crowdsourcing: fans call in and vote for their favorite singer. This was quite literally a “Like” button before the Like button existed. This idea made the show very enticing because it made the audience feel like their opinions mattered, and for the most part, they did. It spawned a whole new generation of reality television where the outcome was not decided by script or by judges alone, but by audience participation.

Coming soon to its very own channel, Pivot, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be launching a cable television show that will take audience participation and crowdsourcing to the next level: HitRECord. The premise is simple – the content for the show will be generated by anyone who wants to participate. That’s right: anyone! Furthermore, if the content is used on the show, the creator or creators will be compensated for their efforts.

This form of social media will allow creative personalities to flourish in an era where math, science, and engineering is once again becoming the forefront of education and career development. It will help build communities around amateur film makers, poets, classical artists, animators, etc.: everyone whose career and livelihood is dependent on exposure. What greater potential for exposure than social media combined with cable television? This is a very exciting prospect, and I can’t wait to see the heights HitRECord will reach. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, you’ve always been a cool guy. This project makes you the coolest of guys deserving of the highest of fives!

Here’s an example of one of HitRECord’s projects:


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